Fertility support

Starting a Family.

The decision to have a baby brings so much joy, typically accompanied by some nervous anticipation. It is “supposed to be easy”…but for most, even in the best of situations the impact is profound, especially for those experiencing fertility challenges. The fertility journey can touch all aspects of their life (emotional, physical, and financial) whether experiencing primary (first child) or secondary (after you already have a child) infertility the individual or couple are faced with so many decisions. Knowing each of us is unique, we all experience this journey in our own way, even couples experience the same journey in different ways. Being able to understand the components and impact and express them can help you and your partner along this path together.

Navigating Health Care Options.

Their impact often seem overwhelming. There can be so many options and decisions each step of the way, with each new decision seeming to be more significant and bigger than the one before. For many fertility treatment is the first time medical monitoring and treatment have been experienced. Some describe going through fertility treatment as that of a chronic illness – I believe that while some of the emotional characteristics of sadness and anxiety are the same, the outcome is hopeful. With the advances in reproductive medicine comes additional possibilities.

Caring For Yourself During Your Fertility Journey.

Whether you are the person attempting to conceive or partner is, this is deeply important to follow. Self care includes understanding what you truly want and need, not what you think you should want and need. It is important to understand what provides you with stress, anxiety, sadness, as well as comfort, calm and relief so that you can begin to take steps to reduce anxiety and increase feeling of confidence and comfort. Once you are able to tune into your needs it makes it easier to obtain them.

Fertility Support Groups.

Focus is on building strength and optimism to support women, focusing on the bio-psycho-social components. Group members have reported feeling the support and strength the group was created to provide.

The Podcast.

Welcome to life – bringing you insight and experiences into love, relationships and fertility, with a focus on enjoying life and moving forward.

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