Finding your balance

Finding your

Getting to know someone & appreciating them for who they are is essential.

I believe in positive psychology, while incorporating mindfulness, cognitive behavioral health, behavior modification, working in the here & now and at times motivational coaching to help you build confidence, and reach your goals.

Why My Approach?

I work with people to identify what might be interfering with their ability to move forward in achieving what they want.

I combine therapy and coaching. I look at them as going hand in hand. Psychotherapy techniques are designed to foster insight. They have a strong emphasis on strengthening you through understanding your experiences, who you are, and what (if any) changes in their life you would like to adopt.

While coaching is more suggestive and directive in assisting you in developing skills to accomplish your goal(s). The insight obtained through psychotherapy helps you understand and develop skills to move forward.

It is so important to understand that we are all unique, and that we will all have our own unique path.

I believe in helping you find solutions & see results.

I work with people in person, on the phone & video conference.
I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, LCSW, Certified Case Manager, CCM and Board Certified
in Tele-Mental-Health BC-TMH.

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