Working together,
to put the pieces together.

I have adopted a positive psychology, approach that includes mindfulness and cognitive behavioral health in partnering with my patients in an optimistic goal-oriented manner.

Often times a person initially calls when they’re feeling sad, alone, depressed, confused and needing to talk. It’s an opportunity to explore, feeling a bit out of control, stress, self image, self confidence, professional choices, counterproductive habits and pain. Making that initial phone call (to me or any professional) is the first step towards change. It’s an opportunity to achieve, and I am excited to help along that path.

I work with individuals, couples and families, specializing in relationships and fertility. I assist people through life’s transitions personally, and professionally. Any of life’s challenges that can potentially lead to depression, anxiety, low self-image, decreased self-confidence, loneliness or behaviors they would like to change.

I find that a positive approach, in conjunction with mindfulness, cognitive behavioral health, behavior modification, self-exploration and reality-based decision making works well for most people. I also believe in the power of pausing. It is typically powerful when those I work with are able to take a moment, to pause and gain prospective of what they are experiencing.

When I meet someone for the first time, our conversation usually focuses on relationships, since they are essentially the key to achieving most personal and professional aspirations.

We’ll work together to figure out, where you are, where you want to be & how you can get there.


I am an experienced psychotherapist who at times works as a personal motivational life coach.
My strength is in connecting with people and helping them to move forward.
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