Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important. The information below will provide you with information on how your privacy is protected, can be accessed and can be disclosed.

Federal guidelines are followed in sharing information. No information will be shared with others without your approval, unless you are deemed to be at risk of hurting yourself, someone else or at risk of being harmed (Federal government guidelines).

You have the right to request a copy of your medical records and in certain instances in specific states make corrections, request limited access be shared with others, including a power of attorney or someone acting on your behalf when a release of information is signed.

Your information is protected with safeguards. There is very limited access to where your information is stored and all third parties must follow privacy laws. Information is most commonly shared with your health insurance for claims submission reimbursement and other professionals who are working with you with your approval.

Text messaging is not secure. Email transmission on a non-secure server are not secure. All emails sent are done so on a secure server that is compliant with privacy safeguards.

For additional information please contact Lori Metz regarding the practices of this office.

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