Premarital counseling

The Marriage of Your Dreams. 

I initially began working with brides and grooms as an outgrowth of my general private psychotherapy practice. Many of my patients became surprised and unsettled by their wedding planning experience. They became upset, often getting carried away in a situation they found upsetting, behaving in ways they never thought possible

I work with couples during their wedding planning process, helping them & at times their parents, family members….. all those involved understand feelings that may arise. Together, we will determine what is important for the celebration and more importantly their life together, to lay the foundation for the relationships they want.

You’re engaged. You’re planning your life together. 

it’s a wonderful, exciting and significant time. Many couples decide to commemorate their commitment and share their happiness with a celebration. The planning begins and …….OH MY, it can seem everyone was dreaming of your perfect day! You really don’t want to upset anyone, but with each helpful comment and suggestion you’re thinking “it’s our wedding”, “it’s our day”!

Your engagement takes you to the next phase of your relationship …… becoming “we”.  

Getting married is the joining of two lives & two families, regardless of how old you are or how many times you have been married.  Once a couple decides to commit, all those involved begin interacting about issues that may never have been addressed before or if they had, certainly not in a way that impacted them.   Most couples want everyone involved to enjoy, yet conversations can be stressful, eliciting feelings they never could have imagined would be associated with them, let alone their wedding. 

Planning a wedding can be stressful. It can be a balancing act. It’s a time to;

Keep perspective,
Know your priorities,
Identify & discuss any concerns or fears you may have.

It sounds so simple, yet can be so hard to figure out.

I work with you & your fiancé to feel comfortable & confident in identifying & communicating your priorities to each other & those close to you in ways that fosters & strengthens your relationships.

Weddings mean so much, to those who mean so much.
Lori Metz New York Manhattan Psychotherapist Premarital Counseling
Take pleasure in planning your celebration & in commemorating your commitment. 

Planning your wedding can evoke so many feelings; elation, euphoria, bliss, excitement, delight, zen, relief, butterflies, comfort, apprehension, worry, joy, and so many more. You and your fiancé want a ceremony and celebration to commemorate this special occasion. Whether it be dreamy, romantic, festive, gothic, tasteful, funky, grand, intimate, spiritual or a sophisticated celebration, you want it to be …….you.

While each couple is different there are several things that are helpful to keep in mind during what can be a stressful time; perspective, working together, and managing the excitement.

Keeping Perspective

What’s important
What makes you happy
What concerns you
Why you’re having a celebration

Working Together

Accepting opinions
Declining opinions

Managing Excitement

Your emotions
Working with all those involved
Knowing how to say no
Keeping balanced

Building the foundation for the marriage of your dreams, while planning the wedding you always wanted.

My goal; to help you take pleasure in the preparation, enjoy the planning, anticipation & excitement of the moment, while laying the foundation for the marriage of your dreams.



Planning your wedding is a time to understand that: 

– Communication patterns are being established.
– Relationships with your fiancé, both families & friends are expanding.
– Figuring out what you really want, your priorities are key.

Planning your wedding is a time to: 

– Manage the excitement.
– Keep perspective.
– Discuss any premarital & prenuptial concerns.

Many times these things get overlooked.

Being able to identify & communicate your priorities is an important component to building your relationship together. 

This is a time to understand premarital concerns & feelings that may arise &  sort through what is truly important to you.
There can be so much to consider, first & foremost, your fiancé, your marriage, your life together. 

Speaking with family and friends can be nice, but it doesn’t necessarily allow you to achieve the perspective you need to move forward.

I help couples learn how to express themselves, allowing them to get past “the color of the flowers” and onto identifying their real concerns, desires, priorities, & deal breakers (finance, family involvement, living situations).  Learning how to communicate freely in a non-aggressive manner can be achieved and allows your relationship to flourishes throughout their marriage and others who are significant in their lives.

This is a time to partner with your fiancé, build your relationship & become “we”.
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