Lectures, Workshops,
& Speaking Engagements

Lori has spoken through a variety of arenas that include in-person and media. 

Topics discussed focus on the psycho-social aspects of life, specifically relationships and fertility, and all they entail. She provides insight and tools to assist attendees with knowledge on the significance of understanding given situations (personal or professional) and reflection on ways to identify what is truly important to them. Through this understanding of one’s perspective & priorities a person can be better equipped in identifying and developing a plan to proceed. Lori provides attendees with practical skills that can be incorporated into everyday life and with tips and tools to help build confidence and move through this process.Why Have Lori at Your Next Event

Topics Lori has presented on include:

· The bio-psycho-social components of a fertility journey

· Third party reproduction, the impact on both partners

· Nurturing & caring for yourself and those you love

· Communication, the significance of both being heard & hearing

· Relationships – personal & professional

· Engagement excitement and planning for your life together

· TTC – Coping with COVID 19

All speaking engagements can include other experts on the topic being discussed.

The Podcast.

Bringing you insight and experiences into love, relationships and fertility, with a focus on enjoying life and moving forward.

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